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Join us as a Co-founder

About Us


At Custxmer, our mission is to leave this world better than we found it. To achieve this, we must work with talented people and go above and beyond for our users.


We are an early-stage startup, a bootstrapped business with no investors (for now) or outside influences except one: our users and what's best for them.


We are a startup of execution: we try things, make mistakes, and learn from them.

As an early-stage startup, we don't have fancy offices and are fully remote.

We are incorporated in the US as a Delaware C-Corp.

Co-founder Expectations

Below are essential pieces of information that you must know:

  • We will split the equity equally among all co-founders.

    • Equity is assigned with a vesting schedule of 4 years with a 12-month cliff. What is that? 👀

  • We currently don’t pay salaries, as Custxmer does not have the resources at the moment.

  • If you currently have a daily job, you can keep it. If you are looking for one, keep going.

  • We aim to have resources to pay ourselves salaries within 6 to 12 months.​

    • Once this happens, we must all quit our daily jobs and dedicate ourselves entirely to Custxmer. No questions asked!

  • We also have our daily jobs and work on Custxmer in our spare time, including weekends and holidays (if necessary).

    • Currently, we dedicate 10-20 hours per week, Monday to Monday.​

    • There's not a single day that we don't communicate.

  • As co-founders, we are responsible for paying for the company expenses.

    • Currently, that's USD 70 per month, split equally between all co-founders.​

    • Additional and unexpected expenses will always come. We are building a business. It's important to understand that.​

What We Are Looking For


We are seeking a FlutterFlow Developer located between GMT-1 and GMT+3 (ideally).

You will help us provide a world-class experience to our users!

Personality Requirements


The outcome of starting a company as an entrepreneur is not binary; in any case, the startup journey's real value is personal growth. Building a startup is a long-term game with tons of hard work required from lots of people and the right things happening at the right time; hence, most short-term thinking/judgements do not apply.


Below are a few traits that make a good founding team member. Feel free to disagree:


  • You are aware that execution is king.

  • You are willing to increase your knowledge/skills just as fast as you dream of growing up your startup.

  • You are eager to learn anything needed to make a startup grow.

  • You don't wait to have time to work on your startup; you allocate time.

  • You are willing to sacrifice time from your weekends, holidays and time off to dedicate to your startup growth and development while keeping a healthy balance with the rest of your life.

  • You respect everyone involved (including our users).

  • You respect deadlines and understand that not achieving them can severely impact the startup's growth and development.

  • You're comfortable with being uncomfortable.

  • You can work well in a fast-paced environment, communicate effectively, and remain open to feedback and change.

  • Skills: taking ownership, taking the initiative, taking care of people (including our users), and being very careful with the use of resources.​​


Being part of a startup isn't like a regular job. As co-founders, we must make all the necessary sacrifices to make Custxmer as big as possible.


As co-founders and entrepreneurs, we will continuously work to leave this world better than we found it!

Sounds epic? Then let’s talk, or you can refer a friend! :)

You can contact us at

Congrats on reading this far! Remember this colour: teal! 👀

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